Can I get any benefits?


If you have experienced a mental health difficulty that keeps you out of work, you could be entitled to social welfare payments.

How do I find out if I qualify?

• For more information on the range of benefits and supports available, you can read the booklet, “Entitlements for people with disabilities” by the Citizens Information Board. The booklet explains the main social welfare payments for people with disabilities. It also outlines the criteria for qualifying for such payments.

Is anything available for carers?

• If you care for someone with a disability, you may be eligible for some benefits. These could include carer’s benefit, carer’s allowance and domiciliary carer allowance. The Citizens Information Board website has more information on different payments and benefits for carers.

Other supports for individuals and carers

• RehabCare provides a wide variety of responsive health and social care services to people of all ages and from all walks of life, including people with mental health difficulties. Services range from resource centre activities to support provided to individuals within their own homes. Those who use RehabCare services include people with disabilities and people with mental health difficulties, their families, children and older people. For more details about RehabCare’s services visit