The National Disability Authority

 The National Disability Authority has an information leaflet for people with mental health difficulties who are looking for social housing, called “Social Housing and People with Mental Health Difficulties”, which you can download here. The leaflet provides information on the legislation and equality acts affecting the provision of social housing to people with mental health difficulties, how applications are processed and supports available to help you in securing and maintaining housing. Local authorities are still the main providers of social housing. They also provide grants to people with disabilities so that they can make necessary alterations to their homes.

Cork Mental Health Housing Association

Cork Mental Health Housing Association provides housing to people who have experienced mental health difficulties. They currently have 27 properties and support over 100 residents. You can call 021 451 1100 for more information.

Respond! Housing Association

Respond! Housing Association provides housing nationwide for people who are vulnerable, including those with long term mental health difficulties. To apply for housing in a Respond! estate you must be over 18 and deemed eligible by your local housing authority.

Slí Eile

Slí Eile has a residential community farm in Co. Cork where people experiencing mental health difficulties can find safety, acceptance and support for recovery. People who stay on the farm are involved in the bakery (Cuisine Sli Eile) and in the daily tasks of running the farm. The aim of Slí Eile is to provide structure and routine, a sense of acceptance and involvement and an environment of non-judgement and respect that they hope will foster recovery. They aim to support the individual and respect them as experts in their own recovery while offering opportunities to participate in decisions and learn skills that will help them to gain a sense of control. You can apply yourself, through someone else or through an organisation. While they have a preference for applications from the local area, they will accept applications from people who have been discharged in the hospital and are ready to take a place in the community, have expressed an interest in participating in the hospital and have a housing need.


HAIL (Housing Association for Integrated Living) is an approved housing association providing
quality housing and support services to  tenants and clients, primarily those with
mental health difficulties. HAIL offers long term permanent housing with tailored support
services aimed at increasing tenants’ abilities to sustain their tenancies while focusing on
integration into the community. HAIL also provides mental health supports across the four
Dublin local authority areas, to those in other forms of tenure. These include local authority,
oher housing associations and private rented accommodation in order to prevent
homelessness and reduce hospital admissions. Another element of HAIL’s work is to support
people moving from congregated mental health settings, to source suitable accommodation and
maximise community supports. For further information on HAIL please refer to



RehabCare provide supported housing and home help to people with long term mental health difficulties. Home help can include cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. For more information, visit

STEER Housing Association

STEER Housing Association provides social housing in Donegal and Derry. It aims to promote social inclusion by helping people to live independently within their own local urban and rural communities; and by providing additional support services as and when needed. 

Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland have advice and information centres in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Sligo, and Kilkenny. The organisation offers day services (food, laundry, shower, affordable meals, etc.) to adults and to people aged 16-25 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They offer Crisis Intervention Service Partnership for young homeless people in crisis. There is also a Preparation for Education Training and Employment programme available to people in emergency accommodation. Long term supported housing is provided. A Prison In-Reach Programme can assist people preparing to leave prison who are at risk of homelessness.  

Peter McVerry Trust

The Peter McVerry Trust Open Access Centre in Dublin’s north inner city provides support, advice and advocacy to young homeless people and runs Monday to Friday 9.30-17.00. The organisation provides residential services and supported housing to young people. It also has a drug stabilisation service, and provides in-reach to young people in prison.

Simon Communities of Ireland

The Simon Communities of Ireland offer emergency shelter and housing, as well as longer term supported housing. They run a Homeless Drug Prevention Project which offers information, advice, and support to 18-26 year olds who are homeless and using, or at risk of using, drugs. The organisation also offers employment and training support, as well as counselling and social supports. Find your local Simon Community here

Merchants Quay Ireland Homeless & Drugs Services

Merchants Quay Ireland offers a range of homeless and drugs services across Ireland. This includes a drop-in service and access to primary healthcare services, including a counsellor and mental health nurse at their Merchants Quay, Dublin centre. The organisation also offers drug detox and rehab services, education and employment programmes, addiction counselling services in prisons, aftercare and family support.