I’m New

Where do I start?

Seeking help and information is an important first step. There are a number of helplines and websites that can offer support and information.

Where do I go to get help?

Navigating mental health services can be confusing. In this section, we will explain how mental health services work , how you can start the journey with your GP, and what each of the professionals on the Community Mental Health Team do. We will also look at different options available to you, like counselling and psychotherapy and workshops and support groups.

What happens if I need in-patient treatment?

In-patient treatment is a term used to describe intensive treatment at a mental health facility, usually a hospital. In this section, we describe in-patient treatments you may be able to access and the costs involved in treatment. We also provide information on your rights , whether you are a voluntary or an involuntary patient.

I’m a parent/carer – where do I go to get help?

If you are a parent who is worried about your child’s mental health, there is support available to you. We will give you information on various government and voluntary supports you can access. If you are supporting someone with a mental health difficulty, we will give you information on ways to get support for yourself .

What should I expect from a good quality mental health service?

Mental Health Reform is the national coalition promoting improved mental health services. In this section, we spell out the key elements of modern mental health services, and we describe recovery-orientated services and the idea of recovery from mental health difficulties.