Support groups, personal development and recovery programmes

Many of Mental Health Reform’s members and the HSE offer a wide variety of support groups, education, personal development and recovery programmes. These can help to keep you informed about how to look after your own mental health and help you to develop skills that will help you to stay well.

Alzheimer Society of Ireland Support Groups

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland runs a number of free monthly support groups for carers/families across the country. The groups are open to individuals with dementia and their families to go to together. Find more information and contact details of all the supports groups here or phone the helpline on 1800 341 341.

Shine’s Support Groups

Shine runs a nationwide network of self-help and support groups which aim to support and empower people with schizophrenia and other related mental health conditions. as well as holding regular support meetings for adults. 

Aware’s Support Groups

Aware has support groups around the country for adults experiencing mental health difficulties. Find your local group here.

DeafHear’s Support Groups and Workshops

DeafHear organises support groups for parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. They also provide workshops for parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, Hearing Help classes for adults with acquired hearing loss, and a variety of local activities and initiatives for adults with hearing loss to provide opportunities for personal development and social participation.

Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland Support Groups

The Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland holds regular support group meetings in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Longford and Mayo/Roscommon. Carers workshops are held in Dublin, Cork and Roscommon.

Grow’s Support Groups

Grow has a nationwide network of support groups for young adults (defined by Grow as 18-30 years) as well as holding regular support meetings for adults. You can find a meeting in your county here.

Irish National Council of AD/HD Support Groups

The Irish National Council of AD/HD Support Groups is an umbrella organisation for the AD/HD Support Groups active throughout the country. Some groups also offer an information helpline. See the INCADDS website for more.

Gateway Mental Health Project

Gateway is a community based member led project for people with self-experience of mental health difficulties and welcomes new members from the Dublin 4, 6, 6W, 12 and 14.

Mental Health Ireland’s Building Resilience Together

Mental Health Ireland’s Building Resilience Together programme aims to help people develop their individual strengths and abilities in order to manage challenges and setbacks.

Shine’s ‘Taking Control’ Workshop

Shine offers a ‘Taking Control’ workshop that you attend in person. The workshop aims to build resilience and help you to confront challenges by supporting you to develop action plans to cope with stressors and setbacks. It also aims to build your self-belief and confidence.

The course is divided into four modules:
1. Self-esteem and positivity
2. My coping skills
3. Changing the weather in my head: signposting supports and paths to my new life.
4. Being resilient and taking control.

For more information, contact your local Shine Regional Development Officer. You can find your nearest one on the map here.

Suicide or Survive ‘Wellness Workshops’

Collapsible text: Suicide or Survive hold one-day long ‘Wellness Workshops’. These workshops aim to give you the space to explore your own mental health and include presentations from people who have self-experience of mental health difficulties. People who have attended the workshops report that they found them engaging, inspiring and informative.

Key objectives include:

• Putting strategies for wellness into action
• Maintaining improvements over time
• Reducing stigma

Suicide or Survive ‘Eden Programme’

Collapsible text: Suicide or Survive also hold the ‘Eden Programme’, which is run in conjunction with Shine and Mental Health Ireland. The Eden programme provides a supportive space for anyone who is thinking of taking their own life, or for anyone who has attempted suicide.

The Eden programme involves attending weekly group meetings over six months.

Key aims:
• Empowering you to make appropriate choices in times of distress
• Reducing potential death by suicide of participants
• Increase coping skills and awareness of resources

Apply confidentially to Paula or Louise on 1890 577 577. You can also email or paula@suicideorsurvive.

Grow’s ‘Mental Health Education Programme’

Grow runs a ‘Mental Health Education Programme’ that holds informative talks and questions-and-answers sessions that aim to stimulate thinking around the relevance of mental health to our lives and the importance of actively promoting positive mental health in ourselves and others.

For more details on these events, visit the Grow website.
You can also book a place by calling Ruairi on 087 251 09 65 or Roseanna on 086 054 74 72.

Aware's online Life Skills Programme’

Life Skills Online is a free educational programme from Aware which is delivered online. With the help of a series of easy-to-follow modules and support from a trained Aware volunteer, participants can learn how to manage feelings of stress, worry, anxiety or depression, and learn simple and practical skills to help them cope with life’s challenges.

MyMind Workshop Webpage

MyMind hosts a number of workshops that aim to enhance mental health. To find out more, visit the MyMind website.

National Learning Network Programmes

Within its training courses, National Learning Network delivers a range of best practice mental health services incorporating a recovery ethos. Mental health services include Personal Recovery Programmes (including WRAP etc) and as well as Wellness for Mental Health Programmes. Services are available in the community and offer courses that meet the needs of each person regardless of where they are on their recovery journey. All of its managers, instructors, rehabilitation officers, resource teachers, social skills facilitators, psychologists and advocacy officers have had extensive training in the field of mental health promotion and recovery. For more information visit

ASIST and Safetalk Training

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is a two-day training course that provides participants with the confidence and skills to intervene with someone at risk of suicide, alleviate the immediate risk of suicide and refer to appropriate services specific to the needs of that person. Safe TALK is a programme that teaches participants how to recognise people with thoughts of suicide and how to link them with suicide intervention resources, e.g. people who are trained in the ASIST programme. Headsup delivers this training to people in the local community, companies and organisations. For more detail visit

Mental health ‘Workout’

The HSE, ReachOut and the National Office for Suicide Prevention have developed an online training programme that can help you work on some difficulties. The Workout programme can help you to identify patterns of thinking and behaviour that might be affecting you, and will support you in targeting and improving them. Register online here.

‘Wellness Recovery Action Plan’ (WRAP)

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a tool for self-management that is designed to help you with your recovery. Designed by a group of people who have self-experience of mental health difficulties, the WRAP resources help you to develop personal plans that some say have helped them stick to recovery strategies and achieve long-term stability.
Key aspects:

• Identifying triggers
• Planning for crises
• Identifying day-to-day tools that keep you well
• Developing your own personal action plan