What about employment supports?

Schemes for you

If you have a long-term mental health condition, there are some government employment supports available to you. These supports are aimed at helping people return to work and stay in employment.

For information on schemes to support you, go to the Citizens Information website.

Schemes for employers

There are also some government schemes for employers, which aim to:
• encourage employers to hire people with disabilities
• encourage employers to keep on an employee who has become disabled
• provide disability awareness training in the workplace.
For information on schemes for employers, go to the Citizens Information website.

Starting your own business

There are some funds available to you if you are interested in setting up your own business.

• The Business Appraisal and Start-up Programme is a ten week Fas course that can help you set up your own business. For more information, see www.fas.ie.
• The Back to Work Enterprise Allowance allows people who are self-employed to keep a percentage of their social welfare payment for up to 2 years.
• The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance also supports people who have lost their job and wish to start their own business. To qualify, you must be getting Jobseeker’s benefit or at least be eligible for it. There is no qualifying period, so if you meet the criteria you can start getting the benefit right away.