Where can I find more information about crisis support?


We’ve put together some useful links for more detailed information about what to do in a crisis. These websites offer statutory information on mental health crises.
HSE Information and Guide to Mental Health: www.yourmentalhealth.ie
HSE Information and Guide to Mental Health for Young People: www.letsomeoneknow.ie
National Office for Suicide Prevention: www.nosp.ie.

Texting Support Service

The Headsup Text Support Service is an automated 24 hour service that is available free of charge. It aims to help young people to deal with problems before they become too tough to handle. The service is available 24 hours a day and is 100% confidential. To use the service, simply text ‘Headsup’ to 50424 and you will receive a menu of options for support in areas such as mental health, crisis, suicide, alcohol, sexuality, abuse, teen issues, student services. For more information visit www.headsup.ie or text Headsup to 50424.

Crisis Support Form

St John of God’s hospital website has a ‘Handy History and Crisis Support’ form that you can fill out with information about your mental health history. You might want to include details about symptoms, previous crises or any medications you are taking. You can then give the form to your carer or health care worker if you are experiencing a crisis. It could be useful if you become too unwell to explain for yourself.

You can download the form in PDF here: www.choiceandmedication.org/silo/documents/handy-history.pdf